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Skirts we are afraid to wear


Skirts we are afraid to wear

There are clothes, especially skirts and dresses we buy and never really get to wear them because we love them in stores but then when we come home, we realize they are just not our style, they might be to much attention seeking and so on. Or we just don’t wear them because of our low self-confidence, because we are afraid of what people might comment behind our backs.

On that warm August evening I couldn’t help but wonder, am I on the same page with my clothes as I am with my feelings? Do I keep some of them at the back of my closet and rarely express them, just like I rarely wear some pieces? 
But then again, some clothes are exclusive and they are meant to be worn just in-front of certain people who are special for us, for who we know they will enjoy and appreciate the view, just as some of our deepest and strongest feelings. 
And the end of the day it was my time to bring out my most girly skirt along with my most girly feelings and speak up about them with a little help of a rose martini in a company of a lovely friend who listened.

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