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I HEART REVOLUTION's eyeshadow palette review and tutorial

The Macaroon palette
This one was launched in August of 2018, along with the Lemon Drizzle palette and the Cotton Candy one. You can buy it seperatelly or in the chocolate vault
Since I own a precious pair of blue eyes, this palette suits them the best. It's a perfect mixture of natural coper shades, combined with aqua blues and some greens as well. It contains 18 pans, the colors are matte, shimmery and foily metalics. All together we get 4 mattes, 8  shimmers and 6 metalics. 


From Coconut to Whisk
Coconut – icy white shimmer with a mint green shift

Almonds – matte pale beige

Craze – shimmery light brown

Divine – metallic khaki green

Nom Nom – lagoon teal shimmer with a white shift

Baked with Love – matte muted warm taupe

Dessert – light gold shimmer

Petite – pale metallic copper

Sweet Treat – icy blue shimmer

Sugarcoated – white shimmer with a silver shift

Blueberry – taupe shimmer with a white gold shift

Whisk – antique gold metallic shimmer

From Icing to Dazzling
From Icing to Dazzling
Icing – pistachio green metallic with a slight shimmer

Chocolate – matte chocolate brown

Heavenly Bite – matte mustard brown

Finishing Touch – midnight blue with a silvery shift

Meringue – pale copper metallic

Dazzling – deep silver shimmer with an icy silver shift


The finished look

As you should always - apply eyeshadow primer or concealer to your lids. I used the shade Almonds all over the lid so I set the base. Next I used Chocolate as a transition shade with Baked With Love in my outercorners of my eyes. I used a rounded blending brush to apply BWL  and a fluffy one to blend all of the colors together. Next I cut my crease with a concelaer and applied Petite towards the outer corners of the concealer. Next I used whisk to fill in the space towards my inner corners. Last but not least I applied Coconut in my very inner corners of my eyes, which gave the highlight a light green reflection and placed Icing and Divine on my lower lashline. Icing towards the middle and Divine in the outer corners. 
Unfortunatelly there's not an apropriate highlight shade for your browbone since makeup artists don't suggest putting a shimmery white shade there. 

The tutorial

You can purchase this bad baby here!

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I asked my followers on Instagram which look they would like me to do first, and over 70 of them decided on ABH's Prism palette. 

The palette itself feels luxurious. The paper-plastic container is covered in black velvet, decorated with golden writing.

I fell in love with it the first time I saw that palette, with all of its foilly metallic shades and pops of color, such as the Sphere (bright yellow shade) and the Saturn (brick orange shade). The palette is great for creating both day and night looks, since it houses a few of mat natural shades, along with subtle shimmery light shadows. Moreover it contains soft metallic blue shades and a green one, which, as well as the copper and golden shades, apply like butter on the lids.

The look

For the look I have created, I used 7 different shades from the Prism palette. It can be worn at daytime, but you can also transform it into a nighttime look by adding blue shade into the crease to create a line or swipe on some golden glittery eyeliner. 

After I have placed my eye primer on my lids, I used the Lure shade as a transition color all over my crease, adding a mixture of Eden and Parallel to the outer corners of my eyes. Next I placed the darkest color in the palette, called Obsidian into the lower portion of my lid, just on the outer corner, using a precise rounded brush and blended all the colors together. Next I applied Sphinx on the lid, placing Pyramid on the central part so it made a sleek sculpted finish. After applying some mascara and placing some Sphinx to your lower lash line you are done with the day time look. By adding a line of Osiris into your crease and some bright yellow Sphere into you inner corners you can transfer this look into smokier, night time look. Don't forget to highlight your brow bone and your very inner corners with the shade Lucid.

The ABH's Prism palette day to night look

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petek, 08. februar 2019

The FUTURE is Me!

The palette with its swatches

Essence eye and face palette review

There are days when you simply want to add a little bit of something extra on your eyes, a pinch of extra glitter or a light swipe with a metalic eyeliner over your lid. Well, today I felt like it so I came up with this blue-smokey eyelook.

Brushes you will need
Anyways before I jump in to the look I would like to express my honest opinion about this product. It was my first time using it today and I have to say I am not very pleased with the quality of eyeshadow in this particular palette. Essence is a brand that makes much better eyeshadows, so you can tell why I was surprised.
In total, there are 8 shadows in it and a highlighter. I had to use a heavier eyeprimer just to prepare my lids for these chalky powdery eyeshadow. However I have to say that glitters performed much smoother than the matts. I have also noticed they are not as much pigmented as they are in general. On the other hand, the highlighter performed quite well, making my look complete with its cold undertone. I am also pleased with the size of its pan, since is much bigger than the others.
Step by step tutorial
Speaking of pans, in this palette we get 4 bigger sized eyeshadow and 4 tiny sized ones. The palette itself reminds me of Mac’s Smarty Pants palette, just because of the layout. Although I have to admit that I am genuinely pleased with the packaging since it’s bendable and fits nicely in hands while doing your makeup.

The look!

Prime your eyes well before applying any eyeshadow! Prepare for a major fallout so I recomand using washitape or do your eyes first and later finish your face.
For a transition shade I used the matt grey eyeshadow and placed it on my chease, arching it from my outer to my inner corners of my eyes. Then I placed the aqua blue shade into the middle of my lids, slowly dabbing the shadow. I smoked out the colors by using the black glittery shade, placed the grey shade on my waterline. After blending out all of the colors I also put a little bit of highlighter into my inner corners and on my browbone, making my brows look more sleek. At the end I also swiped on some metalic eyeliner, which was also from Essence, called ‘Breaking dark’.

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Here comes another post about I heart revolution's chocolate palettes! I have been using them for a few weeks now, so I could come up with quite a few makeup looks so far. I enjoyed the pigmentation and the smoothness of their eyeshadow, their long lasting formula doing its job even without spraying setting spray all over my face. For a makeup on a budget, they are a great find!

The eyeshadow palette, which I will be reviewing today, came in a Chocolate Heart box, which was released before Christmas of 2018. Along with it it contained the Praline face palette and the Peanut buttercup eyeshadow palette, which will be review soon on this blog. It contains 18 pans in total, 12 of them matt shades and 6 shimmering eyeshadows.

The look I came up with is warm toned with sparkles of gold. I suggest you prime your eyes before applying eyeshadow. Start with defining your crease and work your way towards the centre of the lid. Once you have blended it out nicely, apply the golden glittery color in Brown Sugar to the middle of the lid. Then apply Frosting to the inner corner of your eyes to make an awakened look. To finish it off apply some eyeshadow to the lower lash line and put on some mascara. I also put some golden glittery eyeliner to cur my crease, from the inner corner towards the outer.

I hope you found this useful and that it will inspire you to make some looks with these palettes too! I would like to know which one of the I heart revolution chocolate palettes is your favourite! Let me know in the comments!

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petek, 11. januar 2019


What a LVLY surprise!

I’ve recently bren to one of my local drugstores, and found something really interesting. A few products from the brand called LVLY cought my eyes and I had to buy them. 
So I’ve been testing them out for nearly 10 days now, bit I have to say I’ve already seen good results after the second use. I would like to invite you girls to try them out as well, because they are a great value for your money. 

1. Cleansing oil
Although works gently on your skin, it removes your makeup and dead skin cells very well. It almost acts as a peeling, since it leaves firm and soft skin, but the best thing about it is yet to come! It does not make your skin oily! It hydrates the skin just right.

2. Soft clensing foam 
This product is absolutely amazing. This rich foam smells like a luxurious product, but does not irritate my skin with its fragrances, which doesn’t happens quite often, at least for me. It cleanses my face well. I usually use it after the cleansing oil if I wore makeup that day or individually if not.

3. Skin toner
Their skin toner is one of the best I’ve ever tried. I usually use it before I go to bed so it could work properly. In the morning it’s visible how it magically evened out my skin tone, with no rednesses at all.

In conclusion I woul like to add that this post was not sponsored by this brand. My review was honest. I can’t wait to try out more of their products! Feel free to leave a comment down bellow If you had tried one of these as well, I am interested in your opinion!

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torek, 13. november 2018

•All tomorrows for one today•

Visits of places like this really get me thinking. A person should be willing to give up all his tomorrows for one today, so that he doesn't end up wasting all his todays on one tomorrow. All too often we worry so much about the future that we forget that what really matters is the choices that we make today. When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. In every situation in life, we can choose how to respond to our circumstances and through that choice, moment by moment, we grow and transform ourselves. Change, till you are able to. When you won’t be around, it will be much more difficult to do it.

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Skirts we are afraid to wear


Skirts we are afraid to wear

There are clothes, especially skirts and dresses we buy and never really get to wear them because we love them in stores but then when we come home, we realize they are just not our style, they might be to much attention seeking and so on. Or we just don’t wear them because of our low self-confidence, because we are afraid of what people might comment behind our backs.

On that warm August evening I couldn’t help but wonder, am I on the same page with my clothes as I am with my feelings? Do I keep some of them at the back of my closet and rarely express them, just like I rarely wear some pieces? 
But then again, some clothes are exclusive and they are meant to be worn just in-front of certain people who are special for us, for who we know they will enjoy and appreciate the view, just as some of our deepest and strongest feelings. 
And the end of the day it was my time to bring out my most girly skirt along with my most girly feelings and speak up about them with a little help of a rose martini in a company of a lovely friend who listened.

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