torek, 26. marec 2019

Warm Brown Obsession found in Red Velvet

I have purchased these two palettes at around the same time and I have been using them frequently. When writing a review about a certain makeup product, I find it really important that it was used several weeks or even months, before it was spoken about its quality. Although I have had these two jewels in my collection for a longer period of time, I have recently noticed this similarity between them, which I thought I would share with you.

You might not see these similarities between them at first glance, since the Revolution palette has 18 shades, as far as Huda has only 9. But the shades match almost perfectly.

First I swatched Huda’s shades and then tried to find the closest possible color in the Red Velvet palette. I have to point out that some shades didin’t match perfectly, especially the lighter shade in Huda’s palette. For it I had to mix 2 shades from the Revolution palette.

As far as the quality goes I have to say that they are both well pigmented and creamy. Huda's shades might be more blendable and longlasting than Revolution's but that is expected. I am happy with bouth palette's color selection, which allows us to create several different looks. I suggest using eyeshadow primer in both cases, since we are talking about shades with red pigments, which can be a bit difficult to wash off in the first place.

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