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I Heart Revolution - Strawberry And Cheesecake

This is one of the three Chocolate vault exclusives! Lovely rose eyeshadow palette with pinches of gold and silver!
The palette itself contains 18 shades, 9 mattes, 8 shimmers and a foil shade, and it's great for creating flirty spring looks. It reminds me a lot of the Pink Fizz palette, which was launched way before this one, however they have improved the quality of their shades and foils a lot! What I was missing from it is a warm matte brown shade, which I would normaly use for a transition shade.

The shades

Fluff - white silver shimmer
Flavour - cherry red matte
Slice - bronzy gold foil
Butter - pale baby peach matte
Juicy - berry pink matte

Earth - dark matte brown
Pinch - peach matte
Fraise - pink shimmer
Strawberry - coral pink matte
Syrup - purple pink shimmer
Base - ale orange matte

Drizzle - pink shimmer
Biscuit - muted orange matte
Forever - silver shimmer with brown shift
Pour - brown matte
Sugar - yellow shimmer


The look

This time I am not going to write a detailed tutorial, because I wanted to try out as many shades from the palette as possible and I was just layering them on top of each other. But stay tuned, I will post a video on my instagram profile soon! Follow me on Instagram as well @radioactive_heart !!!

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