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Ever since high school I have felt this need to write about my everyday life, about my thoughts. In my third year at the university. I've finally started a blog, on which you can usually find product reviews, makeup tutorials, skincare advice and posts from my everyday life here and there.

1. I wanted to be a part of this community

Firstly, I knew I won't be able to be a full time blogger, since I am a student and I also work up to 20 hours a week. To be a full time blogger, you need to be active on your social media and post consistently day by day, which I couldn't imagine. However, I wanted to take a little part in that community, even though on hobby level, so I started working on my Instagram profile, trying to post more of quality content, mainly just engaging with people of similar interests. I've made lots of friends and partners in collaborations, with whom I can exchange opinions and get some useful advice. I don't consider myself a makeup artist, I am way far from that. But I love to learn something new and I love to challenge myself and see if I am capable of creating something like this.


 2. I wanted to share a different kind of content

Of course I didn't want to be one of those beauty bloggers, who only post expensive hauls, do their looks with tons of overpriced makeup. I am glad they can live with blogging, and that they can afford it, since they have worked hard on in. But I wanted to post different content, I wanted my audience to see that there are a tons of great makeup and skincare products out there, which are great and you don't have to spend a fortune on them. I wanted them to realize, that these products are as good as the more pricier ones, and that they can also create great looks with them. Although I use a few pricey items myself, I always point out which are worth buying in my opinion. 
I also wanted to present products after I have tried them out myself and been using them for a longer period of time. You usually can't judge skincare products after one use, neither can you makeup. For me it's not only important to talk about how does a certain makeup product smoothly applies on my face, but also how long it stays on, or in case of skincare products, how did they effect my skin after a few weeks of using it.

3. I wanted to present products, which were not tested on animals

I wanted to present my opinion about certain brands and creators, give a shout-out to them, so that my readers could get to know them. I only present and write about brands, who do not support animal testing. I feel like this is quite self explanatory and I am going to write a separate post about fighting animal testing in the future. I think that there is a sea of products out there, which are not tested on animals, enough of them so that you can do your skincare routine and every possible makeup look with them. It's your own call to make.



 4. I wanted to collaborate with brands

It sounds so much fun and it all looks so simple, but in reality you have to work hard for a brand to notice you and send out a free product for you to try out. You need to have a certain amount of followers, be consistently active and have a specific niche where their product fits in perfectly and after you have received their product, you have to follow certain steps of presenting it. You can imagine how happy I was when I received my first PR package. Even though I have a quite small audience in comparison with big beauty gurus out there (March 2019: IG 1,5K followers, Blogger 2K readers) I managed to do it and I get one here and there. And most importantly, my opinion is always honest, even if I got the product for free.

5. I wanted to learn something new

With writing about makeup and skincare and also with reading other people's blogs, you learn so much. With learning comes experience, and with experience knowledge. I am just a starter in this but I've noticed  progress. I've been using different techniques in applying makeup, learned some new tricks and so on. I wouldn't consider myself a guru or a makeup artist. I am just a girl who wanted a new hobby because she was interested in makeup and skincare and wanted to learn something new. Someone, who wanted to share her opinion and way of thinking and get some kind of feedback.

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