petek, 11. januar 2019


What a LVLY surprise!

I’ve recently bren to one of my local drugstores, and found something really interesting. A few products from the brand called LVLY cought my eyes and I had to buy them. 
So I’ve been testing them out for nearly 10 days now, bit I have to say I’ve already seen good results after the second use. I would like to invite you girls to try them out as well, because they are a great value for your money. 

1. Cleansing oil
Although works gently on your skin, it removes your makeup and dead skin cells very well. It almost acts as a peeling, since it leaves firm and soft skin, but the best thing about it is yet to come! It does not make your skin oily! It hydrates the skin just right.

2. Soft clensing foam 
This product is absolutely amazing. This rich foam smells like a luxurious product, but does not irritate my skin with its fragrances, which doesn’t happens quite often, at least for me. It cleanses my face well. I usually use it after the cleansing oil if I wore makeup that day or individually if not.

3. Skin toner
Their skin toner is one of the best I’ve ever tried. I usually use it before I go to bed so it could work properly. In the morning it’s visible how it magically evened out my skin tone, with no rednesses at all.

In conclusion I woul like to add that this post was not sponsored by this brand. My review was honest. I can’t wait to try out more of their products! Feel free to leave a comment down bellow If you had tried one of these as well, I am interested in your opinion!

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