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The FUTURE is Me!

The palette with its swatches

Essence eye and face palette review

There are days when you simply want to add a little bit of something extra on your eyes, a pinch of extra glitter or a light swipe with a metalic eyeliner over your lid. Well, today I felt like it so I came up with this blue-smokey eyelook.

Brushes you will need
Anyways before I jump in to the look I would like to express my honest opinion about this product. It was my first time using it today and I have to say I am not very pleased with the quality of eyeshadow in this particular palette. Essence is a brand that makes much better eyeshadows, so you can tell why I was surprised.
In total, there are 8 shadows in it and a highlighter. I had to use a heavier eyeprimer just to prepare my lids for these chalky powdery eyeshadow. However I have to say that glitters performed much smoother than the matts. I have also noticed they are not as much pigmented as they are in general. On the other hand, the highlighter performed quite well, making my look complete with its cold undertone. I am also pleased with the size of its pan, since is much bigger than the others.
Step by step tutorial
Speaking of pans, in this palette we get 4 bigger sized eyeshadow and 4 tiny sized ones. The palette itself reminds me of Mac’s Smarty Pants palette, just because of the layout. Although I have to admit that I am genuinely pleased with the packaging since it’s bendable and fits nicely in hands while doing your makeup.

The look!

Prime your eyes well before applying any eyeshadow! Prepare for a major fallout so I recomand using washitape or do your eyes first and later finish your face.
For a transition shade I used the matt grey eyeshadow and placed it on my chease, arching it from my outer to my inner corners of my eyes. Then I placed the aqua blue shade into the middle of my lids, slowly dabbing the shadow. I smoked out the colors by using the black glittery shade, placed the grey shade on my waterline. After blending out all of the colors I also put a little bit of highlighter into my inner corners and on my browbone, making my brows look more sleek. At the end I also swiped on some metalic eyeliner, which was also from Essence, called ‘Breaking dark’.

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