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I asked my followers on Instagram which look they would like me to do first, and over 70 of them decided on ABH's Prism palette. 

The palette itself feels luxurious. The paper-plastic container is covered in black velvet, decorated with golden writing.

I fell in love with it the first time I saw that palette, with all of its foilly metallic shades and pops of color, such as the Sphere (bright yellow shade) and the Saturn (brick orange shade). The palette is great for creating both day and night looks, since it houses a few of mat natural shades, along with subtle shimmery light shadows. Moreover it contains soft metallic blue shades and a green one, which, as well as the copper and golden shades, apply like butter on the lids.

The look

For the look I have created, I used 7 different shades from the Prism palette. It can be worn at daytime, but you can also transform it into a nighttime look by adding blue shade into the crease to create a line or swipe on some golden glittery eyeliner. 

After I have placed my eye primer on my lids, I used the Lure shade as a transition color all over my crease, adding a mixture of Eden and Parallel to the outer corners of my eyes. Next I placed the darkest color in the palette, called Obsidian into the lower portion of my lid, just on the outer corner, using a precise rounded brush and blended all the colors together. Next I applied Sphinx on the lid, placing Pyramid on the central part so it made a sleek sculpted finish. After applying some mascara and placing some Sphinx to your lower lash line you are done with the day time look. By adding a line of Osiris into your crease and some bright yellow Sphere into you inner corners you can transfer this look into smokier, night time look. Don't forget to highlight your brow bone and your very inner corners with the shade Lucid.

The ABH's Prism palette day to night look

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